Each object carries with it a story, an emotion. In a recipe box, we see decades of meals shared around the family table; in a workbench, the hours spent crafting. Every artifact is a tangible symbol that stands for something larger, and one distilled image stirs emotions that bring us to that story.”
There’s something  in the way that nature is always changing that lends it to film photography, a medium that doesn’t allow for meticulous editing or rearranging. We capture one moment in time and preserve it in amber as it is and never will be again.
Wherever you look, countless stories are being told. Through the lens, we see with intention and seek out these narratives. Industrial, urban landscapes challenge us to look and truly see our surroundings, and to pull the meaning from them.
We love to tell the story of art; the inseparable history behind a piece that remains solely in the mind of the maker. Focusing on the craft and the process shows another side to the coin, one of intention interrupted with serendipity.